Friday, November 6, 2009

An Introduction

Welcome to my blog! In this space, I plan to give anyone who is interested a window into my music world. I will show what I'm currently listening to and any new music that has recently caught my ear. I hope to provide links to lesser known musical artists and other related blogs. My musical taste is broad, so there could be anything here from country, blues, folk, pop, rock, jazz, bluegrass, etc.

I'm currently listening to Marta Gomez, a Colombian born singer and songwriter now based in New York City. She has been making music for quite a while now (5 albums that I know of), but is relatively new to me. She has a beautiful voice and her songs contain interesting rhythms with elements of jazz and her Latin folk roots. Her latest album is "Musiquita," released in '09. She recorded a beautiful version of Kris Kristopherson's "The Circle," found on "The Pilgrim," a tribute album to Kristopherson released in 2006.

Another song that recently caught my attention is "Dayton, Ohio" written by Randy Newman. A friend recently showed me this live version by Melissa McClelland:

Also check out the original Randy Newman version on piano.

See you next time.